Monday, November 14, 2016

Features, performance effects of electrical impulses in the plant therapy physiotherapy MPT8 - 12

 1. Electrical pulses synthesis

- Electrotherapy (english: electrotherapy) is a method of treatment in the physiotherapy by electrical impulses can take advantage of low and medium.

- The electrical signal is a signal pulse voltage or current changes over time in a discrete (ie intermittent). Pulse signal may be a periodic pulse sequence over time with repeated signatures, or only a single pulse appears once, with polarity (- negative, + positive) or polarity change.

* The effects of pain and reduced muscle tone

- As info from MassagechairIjoy blog mentioned, Use of pulsed electric current intensity increases gradually, high frequency, type of line as Diady - namic, Trobert, Burts - TENS ... have a clear analgesic effect, reduced muscle tone, spasms, muscle relaxation . Analgesic effect of pulsed electric current is explained by the following mechanisms:

  • + Port control mechanism: the nerve impulse by the action of electric current pulses going into the spinal cord inhibits the transmission of pain to the brain, thereby reducing pain.
  • + Endorphine release mechanism: the impact of nerve impulses due to electric current pulses stimulate the brain to release the endogenous morphine (called endorphine) should have analgesic effect.

* Stimulation of neuromuscular

The current low-frequency pulses, the intensity increased, electric current as the line type triangles, rectangles, AMF, intersectional, Russian ... work neuromuscular stimulation, increases the neurotransmitters , increased muscle tone, muscle mass tuang.

* Indications for treatment

- Pain: back pain, neck shoulder pain, myalgia, peripheral neuropathy, arthralgia, pain injury.

- Treatment of sequelae of cerebral stroke, sequelae of poliomyelitis, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury ...

- Some vasomotor neuropathy, Sudeck dystrophy, Buerger's disease, syndrome Ray - Naud, peripheral neuropathy.

- Damage to the central nervous and peripheral (neuralgia of V, VII nerve damage of peripheral nerve damage to hips, turned nervous, nervous middle ...)

- Chronic inflammation, healing wounds.

- Time of stimulation 10-20 minutes / time, 1-3 times day, 10-15 day course.

2. Set the optical label

Highlights of electrical impulses in the machine functional physical therapy is the prevention and treatment of eye diseases such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, blurred vision, eye degeneration, eye pain, watery eyes, strabismus. ..tat both pathologies can lead to blindness. Electrical pulse function synthesis of physiotherapy machines Versatile model: MPT8 - 12 as "golden key of eye diseases."

- Wrinkle tail eyes, forehead, face or bruises in puffiness always the enemy of beauty, whether men or womanhood. You just use the electric pulse function in a short time you will see an immediate effect. Especially wrinkles in the eyes and forehead, as facelifts are very effective, but so far you have to worry about ... Go to the salon extremely expensive but not high efficiency (more when money lost disabilities bring).

MPT8 physiotherapy machine - 12

- Treatment of neuritis of 7 peripheral neuritis 5 (except in the acute phase is not used within 10 days.)
Eye therapy and facial 5-7 days, 1-2 times a day for 7-10 minutes each time.