Saturday, February 11, 2017

Why do we need air purifier and humidifier combo ?

Most of us are of the sentiment that the indoor air is frequently new and clean since there are no destructive production line contaminants and cars smoke to contaminate it. However, that is only a false supposition. There are little particles show in the air that aren't unmistakable to human eye.

Among those, some are the underlying driver of numerous ailments and hypersensitivities. Particles like tidy parasites, clean, microorganisms, dust, and pet dander are inconvenience creating. These are to be reprimanded for unfavorably susceptible responses like asthma, runny nose, migraines and even respiratory sicknesses. On the off chance that the indoor air no longer contains these allergens, you may see a noteworthy decline in the sensitivities.

The appropriate measure of humidity inside our homes is critical for our solace. At the point when winter approaches, the utilization of radiators in the homes brings about drying the indoor air. By bringing down the level of dampness in the air, you are making open doors for various physical inconveniences to hit you full constrain.

Bothersome and dry skin, broke lips, wicked noses and dry sinuses are a portion of the issues that outcome from the air that needs dampness. This, as well as the infection assaults are more regular in icy climate because of low humidity levels. Infections flourish in dry air. This excessively dry air can improve the probability of getting seasonal influenza, chilly, and other respiratory infections. The arrangement can be the air purifier humidifier combo.

Before depicting the advantages that the best air purifier and humidifier combo offers, we should first find out about the operation of an air purifier and a humidifier.

Air Purifiers-Significance 

Air Purifier is a gadget uncommonly intended for hypersensitivity sufferers. Form spores, pet dander, tidy and clean vermin, smoke and unstable natural mixes and so forth trigger hypersensitivities in many individuals. An air purifier is equipped for catching an awesome number of these aggravations and gives you clean air to take in. For particularly to expel pet scents just you have to consider painstakingly between best air purifier for pet smells with combo items.


To diminish the unfavorable impacts created by low humidity in winters, humidifiers are utilized. These gadgets increment the dampness in the indoor air and forestall dryness. Humidifiers are successful for treating dry nose, throat, lips and skin. It helps in keeping the regular frosty and influenza far from you.

Air Purifier Versus Humidifiers 

The capacity performed by an air purifier is to suck the allergens like pet dander, form spores, clean bugs, tidy and smoke from the air. They clean the indoor air with the included channels. Air purifiers do nothing with regards to including dampness in the air.

Humidifiers, then again, include water into the air. They particularly prove to be useful when the atmosphere is dry. Low dampness makes a man feel awkward in their own particular homes. Dry and bothersome skin and icy and influenza are few of the numerous unsafe impacts of dry air. Be that as it may, when a humidifier is running, the dampness levels are made strides. However, humidifiers are pointless against the moment, perilous particles show in the air.

Air Purifier Humidifier Combo-Dual Operation 

Both, air purifiers and humidifiers, are important for your home. They have their own points of interest and one can't be supplanted by another. Many considered air purifiers as a gift. They help individuals in shielding themselves against the harming, small particles circling in the air. Humidifiers assume an extraordinary part in sparing individuals from grisly noses, dried out lips, dry sinuses and so on.

These gadgets can be very costly and obtaining them would be a weight on your financial plan. However, now you don't need to buy both gadgets independently to appreciate the advantages they give. In the event that you buy the best air purifier humidifier combo that performs double operation i.e. cleaning the air and adding dampness to it, you will be sheltered from numerous sicknesses.

Advantages of Owning an Air Purifier Humidifier Combo 

Obtaining the best air purifier humidifier combo is an efficient answer for your issues. These gadgets are particularly helpful when the air is grimy and dry. Taking after are the advantages that you can pick up by bringing home this machine. At the point when contrast and a best warm fog humidifier, a few advantages you will be underneath:

Soil, dust, shape spores and different particles that can bring about contaminations are dispensed with.

Purchasing an air purifier humidifier combo is financially savvy since you get the advantage of two separate gadgets in one.

The disturbing, repulsive scents because of pet dander, smoke and cooking and so on are diminished, as it were, and you are provided with new, pleasant noticing indoor air.

Aside from cleaning the air, this uniquely composed unit is powerful in ensuring your wellbeing when the winter carries dry air alongside it. The low level of dampness in the air prompts to continuous influenza diseases, dryer skin, and even warmth strokes now and again.

These items have enduring impacts. The nonattendance of microscopic organisms and different germs in your home will enhance the nature of the air. At whatever point you breathe in the air, no destructive miniaturized scale living beings will enter your body and make you wiped out. This will spare doctor's visit expenses as well.

Top 5 best combination product

1- ​Venta Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier & Air Purifier - LW25
2- ​Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function KC-850U
​3- Water Based Air Purifier & Humidifier by New Comfort
4- ​KC-860U Sharp Plasmacluster air purifier
5- ​HCM-6009 Honeywell Cool Moisture Console Humidifier


Monday, November 14, 2016

Features, performance effects of electrical impulses in the plant therapy physiotherapy MPT8 - 12

 1. Electrical pulses synthesis

- Electrotherapy (english: electrotherapy) is a method of treatment in the physiotherapy by electrical impulses can take advantage of low and medium.

- The electrical signal is a signal pulse voltage or current changes over time in a discrete (ie intermittent). Pulse signal may be a periodic pulse sequence over time with repeated signatures, or only a single pulse appears once, with polarity (- negative, + positive) or polarity change.

* The effects of pain and reduced muscle tone

- As info from MassagechairIjoy blog mentioned, Use of pulsed electric current intensity increases gradually, high frequency, type of line as Diady - namic, Trobert, Burts - TENS ... have a clear analgesic effect, reduced muscle tone, spasms, muscle relaxation . Analgesic effect of pulsed electric current is explained by the following mechanisms:

  • + Port control mechanism: the nerve impulse by the action of electric current pulses going into the spinal cord inhibits the transmission of pain to the brain, thereby reducing pain.
  • + Endorphine release mechanism: the impact of nerve impulses due to electric current pulses stimulate the brain to release the endogenous morphine (called endorphine) should have analgesic effect.

* Stimulation of neuromuscular

The current low-frequency pulses, the intensity increased, electric current as the line type triangles, rectangles, AMF, intersectional, Russian ... work neuromuscular stimulation, increases the neurotransmitters , increased muscle tone, muscle mass tuang.

* Indications for treatment

- Pain: back pain, neck shoulder pain, myalgia, peripheral neuropathy, arthralgia, pain injury.

- Treatment of sequelae of cerebral stroke, sequelae of poliomyelitis, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury ...

- Some vasomotor neuropathy, Sudeck dystrophy, Buerger's disease, syndrome Ray - Naud, peripheral neuropathy.

- Damage to the central nervous and peripheral (neuralgia of V, VII nerve damage of peripheral nerve damage to hips, turned nervous, nervous middle ...)

- Chronic inflammation, healing wounds.

- Time of stimulation 10-20 minutes / time, 1-3 times day, 10-15 day course.

2. Set the optical label

Highlights of electrical impulses in the machine functional physical therapy is the prevention and treatment of eye diseases such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, blurred vision, eye degeneration, eye pain, watery eyes, strabismus. ..tat both pathologies can lead to blindness. Electrical pulse function synthesis of physiotherapy machines Versatile model: MPT8 - 12 as "golden key of eye diseases."

- Wrinkle tail eyes, forehead, face or bruises in puffiness always the enemy of beauty, whether men or womanhood. You just use the electric pulse function in a short time you will see an immediate effect. Especially wrinkles in the eyes and forehead, as facelifts are very effective, but so far you have to worry about ... Go to the salon extremely expensive but not high efficiency (more when money lost disabilities bring).

MPT8 physiotherapy machine - 12

- Treatment of neuritis of 7 peripheral neuritis 5 (except in the acute phase is not used within 10 days.)
Eye therapy and facial 5-7 days, 1-2 times a day for 7-10 minutes each time.

Monday, March 14, 2016

How to keep your bathroom alwasy clean?

The bathroom is in secret, privacy of the home, but this is also where frequent contact with water, moisture, humidity is very higrh up, if not cleaned regularly can lead to stagnant water, moss mold, bacteria harmful pervades the room for the whole family's health. It's time to think about best bathroom dehumidifier, but before that, we will explain about your bathroom, how is it look like

 When building houses many people only pay attention to the entire house architecture, bedroom, kitchen without noticing that the layout of the bathroom huge impact on health and your spirit. Standard bathroom terrain usually good, discreet, away from doors, nor should be placed near the kitchen so will affect your meal. A bathroom is considered ideal, dry while satisfying the following factors:

1. Bathroom Floors

Must be dry, stagnant fluid is not regular, non-slip to ensure safety during use. Paving best when you should choose well-patterned tiles will have anti-slip more.

2. Ceilings

If the ceiling is made of waterproof material, will be very easy peeling and infiltration of water from the top down. Therefore, you should choose the ceiling material that features waterproof, moisture-proof and heat resistant. If you want to use to decorate the ceiling plaster must remember combination with external waterproof paint to avoid water infiltration and also increase the aesthetics of the room. If you do not like plaster can also use the multi-colored aluminum boards to the ceiling for this type of work is also very good water resistance. Additionally, you can also use PVC water to prevent blocking the pipelines also contribute to reducing the moisture flow deposition.

 3. walls

The walls in the toilet occupies most of the space inside the bathroom, this is also where most water absorption, at the same time the most difficult to clean. To waterproof the wall, you should select the material capable of waterproof, anti-metamorphic and high position. An optimal choice given that you should use the tiles easy to clean, colorful, easy to dry wall material.

 4. Drainage Hole

This is where the intermediate water from the bathroom out, have an important role in increasing room humidity reduction. Therefore, you should select the strongest drainage holes, inclined and can lower the floor to avoid stagnant water, accumulating mosses, fungi, bacteria slip or create an unpleasant smell, badly affected health.

5. Doors

 Bathroom door should use materials that have properties pane, high waterproof, not rot, rusty during use. There should be at the bottom edge of the door or sure you can make the lower floor bathroom floor outside to avoid water overflow.

6. Equipment

 If the power system against water and leakage during use, it is very dangerous. So you should choose the type of socket with a lid to prevent water, not to expose themselves wires or chiselling out the walls leading to a very dangerous open-circuit.

7. The equipment items in the bathroom

 When selecting the items used in the bathroom, you should also pay attention to their waterproofing abilities, do not use wooden items or if you want to use to select the type of wood has high impermeability or paint a waterproof outer layer. It's best to use ceramic products, light, smooth for easy cleaning. The type of air heater, the heater, the electronic equipment used in the bathroom must be capable of waterproof, high temperature-resistant, not being electrical, electricity leak out, very dangerous during use.

 If your bathroom does not use the waterproof material, you need to ensure that they are regularly cleaned, regularly be dehumidified and dry. In addition, the desiccant, the moisture and especially dehumidifiers have a lot of interest in life, you can also use these methods to reduce the temperature of the bath house fu you add dry ingredients transient.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bathroom-Dehumidifier: Approach and Ideas

The bathroom dehumidifier can be an alternative decoration to beautify the look of the bathroom. In general, bathroom just has colorful wall with its unique motifs to beautify the appearances. Nowadays, people can use the modern tool as their accessory to beautify the appearance of the bathroom. The designers of the bathroom dehumidifier ideas make many creative designs that can be chosen by the people. Besides, the dehumidifier also has other several aspects that can be a reason to use it as accessory. 

Bathroom-Dehumidifier: Approach and Ideas

1Bathroom Dehumidifiers as Needed Accessories.

a.     The first reason why the bathroom dehumidifier can be a great accessory is because of the design. The unique design of the dehumidifier bathroom ideas provides the unique sense of it when it is using. The designs will be great accessory that can make the bathroom more special. Moreover, dehumidifier has several shapes in that designs that can be variation to choose by the people.

b.     The second reason why the bathroom dehumidifier can be great accessory to beautify the appearance of the bathroom is the color. Color can influence the mood of people. That is why people always think to have suitable colors in their room: they want to have good mood every day. As the creative design, the dehumidifier also may have soft color in its design. In common, the color of any of dehumidifier maybe divided into two:

·         White
·         Combination of white and black. 

Here, people can choose their favorite color to adopt in their dehumidifier. The soft color will give a soft sense as the fresh air that flow from the dehumidifier.

c.     The third reason is the function of bathroom dehumidifier. By using of the dehumidifier, the bathroom will be more comfortable. As people know, the bathroom is the best place to get the inspiration when people stuck in their thought. That is why having a comfortable bathroom is a matter to people. One way to have the comfortable bathroom is by using this great tool.

2.    Some Tips on Maintaining Bathrooms Dehumidifiers

·          A small-capacity and portable dehumidifier for the bathroom is good. The dehumidifier should be positioned at a safe distance from the shower to avoid possible electrical shock. As the bathroom humidifier is portable, there is no need to have a drainage hose. The dehumidifier itself has a basket to hold the liquid.

·         The dehumidifier should be turned on just before turning on the shower water. There is no need to operate the dehumidifier before starting shower.

·         The dehumidifier should be operated for an about 20 minutes after the shower is taken to allow the dehumidifier time to take away humid from the room.

·         After turning the dehumidifier off, water of the basket should be drained off to shower drain or toilet bowel for cleaning purpose.

Bathroom Dehumidifier is a useful tool that also can be great accessory to beautify the appearance of the bathroom. The creative design of it and the suitable color will be great combination that not only provides the fresh air as its function but also have beautiful effect as its accessory role.